Blendon Township Highlights


Blendon Township Highlights


Ottawa County continues to be the fastest growing county in Michigan, and Blendon township continues to experience growth in both residential and commercial construction. In 2018  130 building permits were issued. Since 2013, our population grew by almost 8%. Continued township growth is forecast for 2019.

Soon we will be adding a fourth voting precinct, and we are in need of election volunteers. If you would like to participate, please contact Robin Overway at

The paving of Tyler Street west of 72nd  is complete. Striping will be completed soon that provides a four foot bike/walking path from 72nd to 96th.

For the first time in Blendon Township’s history, a fund has been established for the purpose of developing two parks on land already owned by the township, located at 54th and Tyler, as well as in Borculo. We are blessed to have already received significant funding for this effort. To participate on the newly formed parks committee or to donate,  please contact the township office.

The recent Blendon Fire Department  pancake breakfast was a huge success. Over 800 residents came together to enjoy community fellowship along with a great meal. Your participation in this annual event strengthens our community by keeping our firefighters safer and making the department more efficient. Thank you to all who continue to enthusiastically support our community fire department.

On March 21 your fire department responded to an unresponsive heart attack victim. Fire department personnel were able to revive the patient, who is now doing fine. If you would like to join these fine women and men  serving our community, contact Kurt Gernaat at

The Blendon Township Fire Department responded to 259 calls in 2018.

Updates to the Borculo Community center are complete. The improvements allow the community center to become a more multi-use facility and provide much needed office space for the Borculo fire station.

You may notice construction work at the township office. Concrete work to meet ADA requirements is  underway now along with work to enhance security for the building.  



Enjoy a wonderful and safe Summer!

 The Blendon Township Board &

The Blendon Fire Department