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Ottawa County Clerk's Office Launches Website Detailing Security of Elections Process

GRAND HAVEN – A new website,, launched today provides citizens in Ottawa County with information on how their votes are counted and details the security steps that go into the elections process.

“Over the past several months we’ve received a number of questions from citizens concerned about our elections process,” said Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck. “There is a lot of information being circulated right now on social media. Some of it is true and some is not. Our voters have the right to know how this process works and how hard our election officials at the local level are working to ensure the security and accuracy of their vote.”

The project, called “Securing the Vote”, highlights the timeline of the elections process: before, during and after Election Day. The most common questions received by the Clerk’s Office are listed, along with detailed answers, links to further information and informative infographics. 

“Our number one priority is accurate and secure elections,” said Roebuck. “We have an incredible team of 23 city and township clerks all dedicated to that same mission.”

Securing the Vote